C&E Pharmacy Services, LLC has over 25 years of progressive and diverse experience providing:
-Pharmacy Administration
-Medication Management Services
-Medical Consultants and Clinical Pharmacy Staff Augmentation
-Pharmacy Benefit Management
-Distribution of Medical Equipment & Supplies

Our commitment to continuous process improvement, quality management and customer service has enabled us to consistently meet and exceed all required standards by repeatedly providing superior support.

Core Competencies

  • Comprehensive Medication Management & Review | Collaborative Medication Therapy Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Patient Chart Review| Transitions of Care| Medication Reconciliation
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing & PMRs
  • Micronutrient Analysis & Repletion
  • Distribution of Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Risk Mitigation and Incident Reporting
  • Contract Performance Management Surveillance Tools


Quality Personnel with relevant experience in diverse pharmacy practices
Working together as a clinical Team to deliver personalized medication management for each patient encountered
Our Ongoing Training, Process Improvement, and Performance Management result in Repeatable Quality and Safety Control methods thus demonstrating our Proven Processes and Procedures.

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